Most people believe it’s important to set money aside for the future, but many may not realize how easy it can be to save.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury offers affordable, safe and convenient savings options that can help people achieve long-term goals, like saving for a child’s education or securing a comfortable retirement. Treasury securities don’t require a lot of money to start saving—you can buy a savings bond for just $25. And they are convenient to buy and manage online.

As a nonprofit organization, members of your community turn to you for savings guidance and financial literacy resources to plan and build a better life. Treasury savings options can help people overcome common barriers to saving through their low minimums, lack of fees and convenient access to funds.

We offer free materials you can use to share information about these savings options with the people you serve.

Why Get Involved?

By sharing information with members of your community, you will:

  • Inform people about Treasury savings options
  • Help more people save for the future and achieve their long-term goals
  • Move paper savings bond buyers toward digital securities

Get Started Today!

Get involved with these simple steps:

  • Update your staff. Inform them about Ready.Save.Grow. and encourage them to spread the word in your community.
  • Spread the word. Share Ready.Save.Grow. information through publications, social media and your organization’s online resources.