Savings Bond Value Files

Savings bond value files can be used by programmers who develop applications to calculate current redemption values of Series EE savings bonds, Series E savings bonds,  Series I savings bonds, and savings notes*.

Current Files

Select the link below for the current earnings period file. An updated version is available every six months.

December 2020 May 2021 - File Size 55KB, Uploaded 11/02/20

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Historical Files

Historical Savings Bond Value files are available as far back as May 1992. Contact us for earlier redemption dates.

File Specifications

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*The U.S. Treasury Department will not accept liability for errors produced by, or contained in, software products developed by private parties. Use of the names "United States Department of the Treasury," "Bureau of the Fiscal Service," or "Treasury Securities Services" in association with any product developed by a private party is strictly prohibited. Any implied endorsement by Treasury or the Bureau of the Fiscal Service for a product developed by a private party is also strictly prohibited.