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Treasury Managed Accounts Reports

Unclaimed Moneys

The Unclaimed Moneys Account (20X6133) is one of the 77 Treasury Managed Accounts. The account balances listed below have been identified by agency. The balances are to be reviewed and confirmed to Treasury on a quarterly basis.


The balance of account 20X6133 should represent only moneys which when claimed, are unequivocally refundable. The sole purpose of this account, as originally established, was to hold such moneys in trust for rightful owners (as received by Government-agencies from sources outside the Government). Accordingly, items cleared from agency uninvested trust, revolving and deposit fund accounts for transfer to account 20X6133 must meet all four of the following criteria:

  1. amount is $25.00 or more
  2. a refund, upon claim, would be absolutely justified
  3. there is no doubt as to legal ownership of the funds
  4. a named individual, business, or other entity can be identified with the item.

Agency Responsibility:

Agencies are responsible for analyzing their uninvested trust, revolving and deposit fund accounts quarterly to determine whether they are holding unclaimed moneys that may be refunded to the depositor. For record-keeping purposes agencies must maintain subsidiary ledgers in support of moneys being held for rightful owners in account 20X6133. Additionally, agencies are to maintain a file of paid disbursement voucher forms for supporting documents for payments made from this account.

On a quarterly basis, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) will post the balance by agency for account 20X6133 to this website. Fiscal Service does not maintain subsidiary ledgers. It's the responsibility of the agency to maintain their subsidiary ledgers and supporting documentation to ensure the balance is accurate. Agencies have 30-days to respond to Treasury by fax or e-mail, regarding the accuracy of the amounts recorded by Treasury in account 20X6133.

If Treasury has not received correspondence from agencies 60-days after the website posting, Treasury will assume the amounts recorded on this website are correct.

Agencies that dispute Treasury's recorded amount must provide supporting documentation so that adjustments can be made.

Audits for this account are to be included in the internal audit program. For further information please refer to Volume I TFM 6-3000.

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Unclaimed Moneys Account (20X6133)
Balance per Website
As of 06/30/21
Agency Total Balance
As of
September 30, 2020
Total Activity
Total Balance
As of
June 30, 2021
Library of Congress 313,592.86 97,109.51 410,702.37
United States Judiciary  391,108,979.15 13,298,808.65 404,407,787.80
Department of Agriculture 867,881.90 113,218.31 981,100.21
Department of Commerce 542,971.17 (3,093.95) 539,877.22
Department of the Interior 1,564,545.28 2,613.46 1,567,158.74
Department of Justice 9,851,135.86 7,458,579.04 17,309,714.90
Department of Labor 778,779.04 0.00 778,779.04
Department of the Navy 3,794,679.76 14,419.99 3,809,099.75
Department of the Treasury 115,542,399.60 8,029,285.34 123,571,684.94
Department of State 7,974,210.81 196,114.70 8,170,325.51
Department of State  Disbursing Offices:   .  
     Bangkok, Thailand-8530-6202 281,505.69 0.00 281,505.69
     Paris-6207 202,986.99 0.00 202,986.99
     Brazil-6292 8,686.18 0.00 8,686.18
     Charleston, South Carolina-8729 1,581,325.93 0.00 1,581,325.93
Department of the Army 225,457.53 4,705.00 230,162.53
Federal Communications Commission 89,940.63 0.00 89,940.63
Social Security Administration 396,965.68 0.00 396,965.68
Department of Veterans Affairs 16,969,199.75 20,481.35 16,989,681.10
Securities & Exc Commission 17,496,658.61 467,745.44 17,964,404.05
Air Force (3,461,450.41) 3,739,793.22 278,342.81
Consumer Product Safety Commission (1,290.20) 0.00 (1,290.20)
Department of Transportation (239,528.88) 0.00 (239,528.88)
Department of Homeland Security 233,396,366.14 310,689.66 233,707,055.80
Department of Health & Human Services 2,848,555.96 94,971.74 2,943,527.70
Department of Housing & Urban Development 8,101,826.86 0.00 8,101,826.86
Department of Energy 4,624,456.14 0.00 4,624,456.14
Department of Education 39,874,446.17 (2,681,581.12) 37,192,865.05
Presidio Trust 68,452.74 0.00 68,452.74
Civil Corps of Engineers 599,971.41 0.00 599,971.41
National Labor Relations Board 0.00 11,628.80 11,628.80
ALC 20180002 23,112.06 0.00 23,112.06
  855,426,820.41 31,175,489.14 886,602,309.55

Note: Federal Government agencies maintain accounting records of rightful owners of unclaimed moneys. For additional information, check our Frequently Asked Questions.

To find a listing of all Federal Agencies, please use the U.S. Government Manual available in most public libraries.