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Federal Borrowings Program Report Instructions

The Detail Principal and Accrued Interest Balances Report has two sections. Adding the totals from the top and bottom sections will equal the totals on the Summary General Ledger Balances Report.

  • The top section illustrates the principal outstanding until the expected due date and the related accrued interest.
  • The bottom section of the report, labeled Transactions, illustrates other principal and accrued interest outstanding, such as the accrued interest on early repayments for credit reform programs, overdue principal on matured loans, and overdue interest.

The Summary General Ledger Balances Report illustrates the loans receivable, interest receivable, and interest revenue.

Federal Credit Reform Funds: Treasury accrues interest daily based on the prior fiscal year's rate. The estimated rate is adjusted to the actual rate when it becomes available.

  • When principal is repaid to Treasury between October 1 and August 31, Treasury will reverse accrued interest previously reported and accrue ½ year of interest on the principal repayment.
  • When principal is repaid to Treasury between September 1 and September 30, Treasury will accrue a full year of interest.

Having Trouble Printing the reports?

  • Select View Source
  • A TXT file will open on your computer
  • Select File - Print - Under preferences be sure to choose the landscape option
  • If the document is still not fitting to one page select Format- Font
  • Change the Font to Courier New Size 8
  • Print again